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Barbara Frazier


The purpose of this study is to look at the spring trends for 2012 and then compare them that to what the women of Manhattan are actually wearing, during the same season. I wanted to understand how women were adopting the fashion trends from Spring 2012 and turning them into part of their own self-identified style. I went on a research trip to New York City from May 6th to May 12th and spent a great deal of time, on the streets, observing and taking pictures of what real Manhattan women are wearing. For this project, I focused on four of Spring 2012's fashion trends. They were: colored denim, floral patterns, tangerine/peach/orange tones, and metallics. On the trip, a combination of hand written notes and photographs recorded my findings. Specifically, I used a Canon 30D and my father, Norm Powell who assisted with the collection of photographs, used a Canon SD. The pictures will be taken without the disruption of the subject's lives, and because consent was not asked, the subjects remained anonymous. This was achieved by the cropping of their heads in the final pictures that appear in the thesis project. The final thesis shows how women in New York City adopted the Spring 2012 fashion trends and the different ways they take the trends presented in the magazines and make them their own.

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