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Kimberly Dunn Adams

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Arthur White


The disciplines of mathematics and music seem worlds apart at first glance. Harmonious connections can inevitably be created if a deeper appreciation is lent to these stereotypically dissimilar subjects. "Integration of Mathematics and Music in the Secondary Classroom" is a quadratic function unit that utilizes music to aid in teaching mathematical concepts. The unit consists of a compilation of traditional rote mathematics and three main inquiry lessons: Problems Without Polyrhythm, Ma-Thematics, and The Undertones of Overtones. The unique approach of inquiry allows students to construct meaningful learning through a curriculum that is driven by their own mathematical questions. In addition, the unit includes warm up activities, worksheets, supplemental material, formative assessments, and summative assessments. "Integration of Mathematics and Music in the Secondary Classroom" is curriculum inspired by the Common Core Standards of thought and is intended for a high school Algebra course. Through the insights of mathematics and music, students will hopefully be inspired to answer the question of "how does math relate to my life?"

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Honors Thesis-Open Access