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Jennifer Palthe

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Richard Compton


In recent decades, leaders have needed to learn to surf into the wave of change. Throughout the business world, there are number of changes that are currently happening. The ideals of surfing can be used as an analogy to guide how leaders should react to these changes. Leadership is a process of influencing people, and it continues to change with the uncertainty and ambiguity in the business world today. Therefore, it is important to try to move through the five levels of leadership: position, permission, production, people development and personhood. Over the past decades, the nature, scope and intensity of organizations has changed drastically. Leadership and management are two different systems that are complementary to one another but not the same. Being an effective leader is critical and there are eight important rules Peter Drucker advises leaders to follow. Also, there are five skills of emotional intelligence that help leaders to maximize their own performance as well as the performance of their followers. In addition to emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence has started to become more popular in leadership. Spiritual intelligence helps leaders to process intense, unplanned experiences which transform them into the leaders they are today. A great way for leaders to learn leadership lessons is through surfing.


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