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First Advisor

Nicholas Andreadis

Second Advisor

Jay Baron Nicorvo

Third Advisor

Jeffrey Abshear


The essays contained come from places new and known; their stories occur in transition, either between place or between levels of awareness and consciousness. An emphasis on the liminal experiences of travel are articulated through language and experimentation. The author uses liminal in terms of the substance involved in some change from one experience or state of consciousness to another. It may be true that this substance cannot be clearly articulated, lending the author’s use of the spaces between sleep and waking as examples of these spaces that are complex and so worth examining. Another emphasis in the collection is that of disorder, both chronologically (in real time) and psychologically. This allows for a comment on a fundamental sense of spontaneous variation (a losing) of some “vital” task (i.e. a loss of sleep, the knowledge of being physically lost, the meaning of getting lost in a book, the knowledge of having lost the promise of a relationship) all of which are experiences the writer uses as genuine and having occurred in real life. The following essays come from long highways, ceilings, and books; from dreams otherwise lost; from Cornuda and Kalamazoo, Verona and Venice. The intention is to share the spaces, the very interior feelings that one person has in relation to places otherwise unknown to him.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted