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Joseph Kayany

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Paul Fleming


Behavioral analysis can be used in our everyday lives to better our environment. Unfortunately, most do not know the behavioral principles, and therefore cannot apply it effectively. Just one area in which behavioral analysis can better our lives is in training our pets. These training techniques are not only useful, they are often sought after. The Kalamazoo area has a few resources which can help train dogs, however all are associated with fees and are still not very informative. In order to fill this void, I have made a website for the general public use, along with psychology students. The public side of the site contains videos and instructions on how to train dogs using behavioral techniques. The student side contains the instructional videos as well as materials for the practicum class. The site is made to be a troubleshooting guide for all dog training problems. The layout is very functional, allowing anyone to easily navigate around the site. Training techniques are described in step by step instructions and also video tutorials. The videos explain and demonstrate the training procedure, as well as the science behind it. Contact info for the current instructor for the training program at WMU is also included for additional questions, concerns, or special cases.



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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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