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First Advisor

Karen Wicklund

Second Advisor

Nicholas Andreadis

Third Advisor

Alice Pierce


My Honors College thesis was a recital consisting of music and program notes that were designed to teach about music, its history, the culture that it comes from, and two specific styles of music found in our society today. I used the story of Nubian princess named Aida. This story has been told through Opera and as a Broadway Musical. I used songs from both musical styles and alternated between the styles to tell the story. As a history minor, I felt it was also important to give a bit of history and geography knowledge in my program notes. As a music education major, I have been working with students and watching how they learn for quite some time. I have noticed that one good way to teach young students about a subject is to put it into a story. By doing this, students don't feel like learning is being pushed upon them, rather learning is surrounding them while providing exciting connections and drama from the story. I chose to use this teaching method for the information about the styles of music in my recital, and the historical and geographical lessons that accompany this music. I mainly told the story of AIDA through the music I performed on stage. However, the program notes I provided explained the language, history, geography, music and other aspects of the story. The program notes were intended to be read either before listening, or along with the music to help the listener understand the musical story being presented.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted