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First Advisor

Becky Cooper

Second Advisor

Scott Friesner


This project Unbearably Familiar: A Collection of Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction contains X poems and six short creative non-fiction essay pieces. The collection was named for the close relationship that the writer shares with the work, and for the ability for the reader to personally connect with aspects of the collection. The poetry of the collection focuses on what it means to be a woman, beauty ideals, relationships, eating disorders, and the digital generation. The poems are personal in nature, allowing the reader a glimpse into the author's state of mind and desires. The six creative non-fiction pieces are broke into two categories: two pieces belonging to a general overview of high school nostalgia and growing up, and the final four depicting stories of the author's father. These final four essays are grouped in a sub-collection titled "Oh, Ernie: A Collection of Short Stories about My Father." The prevailing theme throughout the Oh, Ernie essays is a dry humor that is critical of the subject while maintaining a loving balance. Unbearably Familiar is a collection that presents an overview of the author's creative writing abilities and displays what she has learned at WMU through the English program and through working with her mentors.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted