Tranen Von Regen

Date of Defense


Date of Graduation




First Advisor

Whitney Moncrief

Second Advisor

David Curwen


For my Honors Thesis I chose to choreograph a contemporary dance titled Tranen Von Regen. The music I chose for my choreography was from artists Yann Tiersen, Jon Hopkins, King Creosote, and Jamin Winans. Along with four peers in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Dance, I presented my finished work in our concert "Incite, In Mind." The concept behind my piece was to create an artistic work that allowed the dancers to explore personal emotions that are often difficult to express with words. The movement was intended to allow the dancers to feel vulnerable as well as act as a representation of the internal. Water on the stage was incorporated in the choreography to portray disconnect from these emotions. As part of the project, I designed lighting and costumes, managed ticket sales, and arranged for photography and videography, and worked with my peers to hold an audition and raise funds for the production. A portfolio documenting the process is available in the Department of Dance archives.


Video accompanying.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted

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