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Biological Sciences

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Michele McGrady

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Christopher Pearl

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Bethany Boyce


The Adverse Effects Periodontal Diseases Has on Women Periodontal diseases are challenging to define given the number and variety of different oral diseases. This review sought to answer the question: How does a periodontal disease impact a woman throughout the life span? Specifically, this document discussed how, because of the cycling hormones and the effects those hormones have on the different bacteria, women's periodontal diseases differ from men's. Diseases of the mouth were first discovered during the Egyptian period and the information and knowledge about the different diseases advanced as time progressed. From here, non-surgical and surgical treatments were discussed and how each one is used to treat patients and their differing levels of disease. The main focus of this document went into the effects of periodontal disease on women through their life stages such as pre-pubery, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. The research into the differences between men and women pertaining to periodontal disease implicates that it is imperative for dentists and periodontist alike to take into consideration the sex of the patient when the treatments and care for the patient are being determined. An area that should be further researched is how menopause affects periodontal diseases, specifically how the bacteria involved play a part in the destruction of the tissue and the accelerated regression of the gum tissue in older patients.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access