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Harold Glasser

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Timothy Palmer

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Kim Ballard


For years Western Michigan University (WMU) has sought to become more sustainable while offering its students the best campus experience possible. Carsharing offers students and faculty the benefits of having access to a vehicle without the hassles that come along with vehicle ownership and it is also a way to help a campus reduce its carbon footprint.

Carsharing at a university benefits faculty and students because it gives them regular access to a vehicle and lets them avoid or reduce such car-related expenses as gas and upkeep. In addition, most carsharing companies have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old for drivers, while most car rental agencies require that a driver be 21 or older. Carsharing allows students of all ages to have easy access to a vehicle while they leave their private vehicles at home or forgo a planned vehicle purchase. Students can also avoid spending money on an expensive parking permit or may be able to eliminate the costs and headaches of parking tickets when they cannot find a parking space.

At WMU the implementation of a successful carsharing program will have many benefits. The purpose of this thesis is to identify the best-suited carsharing vendor for a WMU carsharing program.


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Honors Thesis-Restricted