Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (to 2013)

First Advisor

Ho Sung Lee

Second Advisor

Jerry Hamelink


This project report serves as a proposal for an overall experience with the design process including working on the development of system components, working with automotive industry leaders, suppliers and dealing with the aspects of business and production feasibility. The development of a "dual level cooling" concept to apply Centro Richerche Fiat established components on a Chrysler Group vehicle application is the basis of the design project. The system aims to decrease the overall power consumption, minimize overall system packaging space, while increasing performance and fuel economy. Through collaborative work with Chrysler Group and their facilities, this project exemplified an engineer's ability to design, implement, test, and complete analysis for success on an industry applicable system.

Dual level cooling is a term that is coined in order to represent an automotive powertrain thermal management system that is comprised of two distinct cooling loops. The first, found on current production vehicles, is the engine cooling loop. This circuit remains unchanged through the establishment of the new thennal management system. The second loop is comprised of a second radiator that provides cooling to new liquid cooled charge air cooling (for a turbo charged vehicle) and AC condenser components. The layout, design, and implementation of this new system is the focus of this project.


PowerPoint accompanying.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted