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First Advisor

Sharon Garber

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Whitney Moncrief


As a BFA senior in the Department of Dance here at Western Michigan University my studies culminated in a Graduating Presentations Concert in April 2013. There are seven students including myself and we were each responsible for not only choreographing an original work, but also for coordinating the different production aspects that are necessary to produce a professional dance concert. It was my responsibility to manage the budget for this project; however, many decisions regarding each of the various production aspects were made as a group. Throughout this process, I participated in the whole act of producing a concert, from both the production and the artistic points of view. My original piece of choreography is about the struggle to find meaning. I have titled the piece Learnings, a term that is becoming popular in the corporate world. It refers to something that is learned about a case or project that does not actually create more revenue, but rather increases the efficiency or its ability to produce. It is not money, but it still enriches.


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Honors Thesis-Restricted