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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Barbara Frazier

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John Winchell


For my Lee Honors College Thesis at Western Michigan University, I researched the history and evolution of athletic uniforms and equipment. I choose this topic because not only does it relate to my major in Textile & Apparel Studies, it also appealed to me, a lifelong sports fan. I utilized various resources while conducting my research. These resources included books as well as communication with the curator at the WMU Archives and Regional History Collections. I was also in direct contact with the equipment directors for various WMU athletic teams. I presented all of my findings in an exhibit format in the Textile & Apparel Studies Gallery in Kohrman Hall. I organized all of my material, including photographs, old artifacts, uniforms, and supporting text, by sport on each wall.

While doing my thesis I learned a great deal about how the uniforms and equipment have changed overtime, but at the same time how they have stayed the same. Seeing all of the material together in one room was amazing and appealed to the various age groups that attended my exhibit showing. People were excited to see the evolution of my findings and explore a history that they were unaware of before.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access