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Heather Addison

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Wade Cutler

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Steven Lipkin


This study reviews literature on the construction of celebrities and the production of entertainment news, including how celebrities and coverage is deemed appropriate and relevant to cover. First, a brief overview of the entertainment news industry and the early stages of “celebrities” as historically referenced will be discussed along with the current significance of entertainment news. The phenomenon of stardom and the ways and procedures to which a celebrity becomes relevant will be detailed using mainly the work of Richard Dyer and the processes and theories he has outlined. The social impact of stardom including why the public is fascinated with and pays attention to the lives of celebrities and entertainment news and the possible outcomes of this consumption will follow. Finally, the criteria set forth by Annik Dubied and Valerie Gordon will be the basis to which entertainment news production is determined to happen in an accurate and precise manner. An in-depth look at the operations of Maximo TV, a Los Angeles-based production company will be used as a case study for this thesis. Maximo TV records and publishes videos and photographs of celebrities at red carpet events and during other public appearances, and their material serves as a “feed” for major media outlets. A case study of their approach to generating entertainment news provides a snapshot of how and why particular stories about celebrities are targeted for development and distribution

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