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Anger is a universal feeling. Everyone feels angry at some point in their life, and maybe even on the daily basis. Although it is often described as a negative emotion, anger is actually a healthy and natural emotion that should be expressed. It is how one responds to their anger that often disguises anger as an unhealthy emotion. Children who never learn to cope with their anger in a healthy way often struggle physically, mentally, emotionally, and academically.

“According to information obtained by the Learning First Alliance, 15 percent of students are only able to fit into an academic environment if they are provided with moderate assistance in school, such as anger management, conflict resolution, and social skills training” (Reid, 2002). If those children never receive the assistance they need while in school, they may struggle with many negative issues for the rest of their lives. This paper focuses on anger in children, the causes of anger, the cycle of anger, and the importance of providing anger management programs in elementary schools. By helping children cope with their anger issues in healthy ways, it is more likely they will succeed in life.

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