Date of Defense

Spring 4-11-2000


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

DeWayne Shoemaker, BIological Sciences

Second Advisor

John Geiser, Biological Sciences


Molecular methods are increasingly being used to determine the phylogeny of microorganisms. This research was intended to determine phylogenetic relationships for bacteria of the species Bacillus thuringiensis and other members of the Bacillus cereus group. Each strain was analyzed by its sasp-B gene sequence to determine its species classification and relation to other strains studied. Results of this study indicated that according to the sasp-B gene tree, the species Bacillus thuringiensis is a paraphyletic with respect to both Bacillus cereus and Bacillus anthracis. Some unexpected results and implications for species designations are also discussed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access