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Nicholas Andreadis

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Peter Blickle

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Jay Nicorvo


When All is Lost is a creative non-fiction piece following the lives of two fictional characters living during World War" and the Holocaust. It is meant to discuss the moral quandary when human experimentation is used for the purpose of scientific advancement. The two main characters lives' are depicted in a series of modified scenes that describe what happens to them throughout the war. Leo Weinstock is a Jewish man who is chosen for the high-altitude experiments at Dachau after he is imprisoned during Kristallnacht. Erich, on the other hand, is a young, successful Luftwaffe pilot defending his country. Both experience the time period very differently and react accordingly. Overall, the piece will hopefully, one day, be turned into a novel or other larger work that discusses the lives of the two main characters and their family and friends in depth. The current work lacks the fictional quality the piece deserves to do justice to the characters and story being told. However, turning the lives of the fictional characters into a fluid and realistic depiction is extremely important.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Chemistry Commons