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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Steven Durbin

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Ralph Tanner

Third Advisor

Janos Grantner


Position tracking using WiFi is needed as a more accurate method of intra-building tracking due to Global Positioning System's (GPS) lack of accuracy in buildings. The main application of this project is to provide a safety system, which may be either tracking employees within a building and allowing them to send an emergency message through a device, or to track objects throughout a building. The devices can send simple messages to a central location. These messages will include position information and which emergency has been selected. The devices consist of two buttons and two LEDs, and with a button press, the user transmits their location and depending on which button is pressed, a corresponding emergency message. The device utilizes the Arduino Uno and Arduino WiFi Shield to carry out the sending of data through a WiFi connection.

When a transmission from a device is sent, a message is sent to the developed Central Server. This server handles the communication between the devices, displays a map of the building, and shows the locations of the devices. The location coordinates are sent to another server called Redpin. This is an existing open source intra-building tracking system using WiFi. It uses triangulation formulas based on signal strength of access points throughout a building to track a device. The Redpin server then relays this information to the Central Server and the Central Server displays the location of the device on the map. All of these components come together to forma single system to accurately track and display its location in real time on a map.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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