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Civil and Construction Engineering

First Advisor

Decker Hains

Second Advisor

John Bayha


The Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) is a facility that challenges users physically and mentally through a series of innovative tasks that are designed to test these skills. The Department of Military Science and Leadership has received significant interest to bring a LRC to Western Michigan University's campus. The significance of the LRC to WMU will be its' use by many different university groups such as sports teams, school organizations, local businesses, department students as well as others.

Taking the clients constraints and scope into account, the LRC was laid out using Revit Architecture. By using existing data that was acquired from current locations such as Fort Custer and Fort Devans, the preliminary design was generated. Eight bays desired by the Department of Military Science, the design was able to be roughed out. Multiple alternatives were suggested and developed to provide the client options to best allocate their funds. Alternatives included a catwalk over the structure to provide an observation area to grade the users of the LRC. Multiple materials were proposed for the ground covering to reach different motives. Gravel, which was used in other LRC locations, was also proposed due to its cost and durability. Additional unit costs found in the project costs portion will provide the owner with pricing for other material to be considered. Recycled rubber mulch was included in all the alternatives design due to its durability, ability to paint the sections to be avoided as well as offering a graceful impact to any individual who fell into it. Gravel, which was used in other LRC locations, was also proposed due to its cost and durability. A storage shed will house the equipment needed for each bay. The purpose of the design will be to minimize the environmental impact of adding such a structure and providing a safe structure that considers the economics and longevity of the facility.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted