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Mariola Perez de la Cruz

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Robert Felkel

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Amy Bentz


This thesis, ¡Vamos: es hora de conocer España!, is a unit plan for a high school Spanish course focusing on the life and culture of Spain, with an intense focus on the languages of Spain other than Spanish. The cultures of the regions where these languages are found in Spain are rich with history and are quite individual and unique. The goal of this unit was to create a connection between language and culture for new language learners. When someone has a story and a context behind what they are learning, they will have a connection to the material and be able to internalize it better.

Spain had a huge impact on this world and how our lives were formed with their discovery of the Americas. It is important the students know where the language comes from and that Spain is not the same as Mexico and Latin America. Making these differences known and teaching the base of the language and what went into its formation is essential if a student is to really know the language.

The unit is based on mixing the past tenses and the history of Spain, so the students are learning to talk about what they are learning in Spanish with these new tenses. The focus is also on open responses, a student led classroom, and the students mixing their learning styles to form a way to show their learning. There is a type of lesson for everyone and a part of culture that will spark interest for all students, regardless of their level or love of the Spanish language.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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