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First Advisor

Greg Roehrick

Second Advisor

Matthew Knewtson

Third Advisor

Kathryn Wagner


The purpose of this thesis project is to create both a traditional and digital portfolio, with the intention of showcasing myself as a theatre artist. It cohesively compiles, organizes, and displays the theatre design and technical skills I have acquired during my four years as a student in Western Michigan University's Department of Theatre. It contains a variety of work, including in-class exploratory projects as well as realized productions, in both digital and traditional mediums. Projects range from scenic painting to hand rendering to 3D modeling and visualization to advanced programming.

The main focus of the portfolio is my work in lighting design, exhibiting productions that I have either designed myself or assisted a professional designer on. These productions show the wide range of theatrical spaces, genres, scenery, and styles that I have experience with. These include large proscenium, and blackbox spaces of varying size; stationary, interior, and moving scenery; classics, farces, musicals, and dance. These pages in particular show my visual composition of scenes and entire productions, as well as my preliminary work and technical preparation. All of these productions show my artistic range, flexibility, and skill, which are ultimately the keystone in a strong portfolio.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access