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Kimberly Searing

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Mary Baukus

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Wendy Kershner


Needle phobia is not a widely researched topic even though the use of needles is rising in modern medicine. However, it can be life threatening as a result of the vasovagal response with reported fatalities as a result of the phobia (Sokolowski, Giovannitti Jr., & Boynes, 2010; Willemsen, Chowdry, & Briscall, 2002). The purpose of this study is to analyze the nurses’ knowledge about the prevalence, etiology, and signs and symptoms of needle phobia, as it relates to the area in which they practice and years of experience. A survey was distributed to registered nurses on three different hospital inpatient units at a Magnet Hospital. It was found that the registered nurses had very little knowledge about needle phobia. There were a total of nine questions on the survey; two of the questions were about area of expertise and years of experience. None of the questions were significant except for one. Each symptom was also analyzed by comparing the percentage of correct answers to area of expertise and years of experience. Since, nurses have limited knowledge of needle phobia, it is important to educate the nurses about the signs and symptoms of needle phobia. This is really important so the nurses can recognize the phobia occurring and try and protect the patient’s safety.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted