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Richard Malott

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Ali Markowitz

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Brandon Kline


The goal of this intervention was to increase on-task and on-schedule behavior in a child with autism through the use of gradual guidance and an independent activity schedule. The participant was a three year-old boy who exhibited noncompliant problem behavior. He was at mastery level for the tasks that were included in the independent activity schedule and had no prior learning experience with an independent activity schedule. Gradual guidance was used to decrease the time it took for him to learn the complex behavior that is involved with an independent activity schedule and to keep the participant on-task and on-schedule in order to promote independence. The study was an AB design. This study will contribute to the quality of life of the participant by decreasing his noncompliant and problem behavior while increasing his on-task and on-schedule behavior. It also allows time for the participant's tutors, teachers and aids to prepare other materials and mark data while the child independently completes complex behaviors. On-task and on-schedule behavior in the participant steadily increased with on-task and on-schedule behavior both at 0% during baseline and averaged out to 74.3% and 79.2% respectively by the 52nd session. Independent task completion steadily increased as problem behavior decreased. It has been observed that the use of gradual guidance and an Independent Activity Schedule do increase on-task and on-schedule behavior for autistic children with noncompliant problem behavior.

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