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Interdisciplinary EUP

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Michelle Suarez

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Ben Atchison


This thesis was done to evaluate the basic overview of the definition, diagnosis, comorbid conditions, symptoms, causes, and treatment, as it pertains to Sensory Processing Disorder. Although the research has been light on this subject, there have been studies done, that show the possible causes, and effectiveness of treatment in children. The purpose was to examine, more closely, the relationship between Sensory Processing Disorder and the outcome of occupational therapy based sensory integration (OT-SI) intervention. Controversy surrounding sensory integration exists, because of lack of fidelity in research. Researchers are currently interested in the fidelity of the treatment, and whether or not, occupational therapist’s are providing treatment that meets the core principles of OT-SI. Creating personal goals for each client is important to meeting needs of them and their families. By setting attainable goals, at the just-right challenge, clients and their families are able to see the progress they are making throughout treatment. By further examining the benefits of OT-SI, we may come closer to helping children, or anyone with sensory processing issues, better acclimate themselves in a stimulating environment, which in turn will help them with self-esteem, socialization, and completing activities of daily living (ADL).

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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