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Special Education and Literacy Studies

First Advisor

Sarah Summy

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Laura Getty

Third Advisor

Daniel Morgan


The focus of this qualitative study was to examine the differences in services for students with disabilities In United States vs Dakar, Senegal.The strengths, weaknesses, and presenting needs of each system were addressed . The research questions addressed were: How is a disability defined?, (2) What support services are available for children with disabilities?, (3) What is the level of family support for children with disabilities?, Ind (4) How are teachers prepared 10 work with children with disabilities? The qualitative methodology used to examine the research questions include: personal interviews with school personnel in a self-contained school for children with disabilities in Dakar, Senegal, personal interviews with school personnel in a private PreK -12 school in Pikine, Senegal, observations from both schools, and a brief educational policy analysis.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access