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Jennifer Machiorlatti

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Heather Addison

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Wade Cutler


The Heart of the Lower Story: Thesis Exhibition is established around a study-internship in Scotland. The works consist of landscape and architecture photography, as well as hand drawn portraits and charcoal pieces. The style of the work and exhibition is comprised of simple elements such as barn wood framing and work created on OSB board to involve experimentation. “The Heart of the Lower Story” has been exhibited at the Lee Honors College with an opening reception for supporters and friends to attend that also introduced a video compilation of interviews taken while in Scotland. The questions being addressed were: What is your favorite story to tell? What is your greatest adventure? And how do you see life? The purpose of the interviews was to gain a sense of the way people think about life, what is significant to them, and to allow the interviewee to find something joyful to talk about. It was important to see and hear the way people interacted with the camera and how their love for the story changed the way they spoke and shared the stories. “The Heart of the Lower Story” turned out to be a big success and will now continue as a traveling exhibition in order to gain more attention and support from different communities in hopes to continue “The Lower Stories” video project.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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