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Biological Sciences

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Sharie Falan

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Bernard Han

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Juanita Manning-Walsh


TIle purpose of this review was to determine the basic principles of curriculum design and to understand how they are used to develop a competent curriculum handbook. The findings were used to develop a handbook for the Health Informatics and Information Management major at Western Michigan University. This literature review focuses on a variety of web pages, articles and books that analyzed the topics of curriculum design and curriculum handbook development. A review of the Bronson School of Nursing Handbook and the Temple University - Health Information Management Department B.S. in Health Information Management (HiM) Student Handbook was also conducted. This secondary review was carried out in order to determine if the basic principles highlighted in these two handbooks were consistent with the key curricular components outlined in the study.

Through this investigation, key components of curricular development were found to be: philosophy, goals and objectives, organization, assessment, evaluation, and integration of these core themes into guidebooks. It was determined that both the Bronson School of Nursing and the Temple University Handbook included all of these components. As a result of this review, an effective handbook draft for the Health Informatics and Information Management major at Western Michigan University was developed.

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