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Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Jeffrey Abshear

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Meredith Coston


Books are the foundation of education and a central component to our society. The process of making books, including the art of paper-making, printmaking, typography, and bookbinding are rarely known or recognized today. In our current age of computer and photographic technology, these processes have become a lost art. Through my experiences exploring and creating book art in Italy through a study abroad experience, as well as an internship at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, I began to see many connections to book arts and educating children. The power and magical aspect of books came alive to me, and I began to research how the history of books and including hands-on book art activities in the classroom could be used to enhance and give life to school curriculum. There is something so enticing about creating your very own book, expressing oneself through written language and different art forms. By including the book arts in education, we are embracing a realization that books will always have a magical and powerful hold on our imagination. Even in the wake of technology, books provide for personal connection and human interaction, that technology prevents. Not only do book arts create a hands-on engaging experience in the classroom, but the conversation and emphasis on books, their history, and their importance, will foster a greater love and understanding of literacy and books in our children.

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What do kids have to say about books?