For the Love of Dance

Tiana Clemons, Western Michigan University


For my senior capstone project I will produce a workshop for Ja'Dore and Ebony Vision Dance Teams. The purpose of the event is to bring artists to campus that students otherwise would not have access to. Producing the workshop will include but is not limited to contacting MSA agency, booking the guest artists, locating and reserving and locating a venue, requesting funding, advertising and creating an agenda for the event. The dance workshop is scheduled for March 23rd 2013 from 10am-7pm in Dalton Hall studio A. The talent booked for the day included Caitlin Gray and Keith Young. After the dance workshop I will produce a dance show case. The showcase will present the talent of WMU dance teams to their peers and other members of the student body. The overall goal of both projects is to bring an experience whether it's a class or performance, to students who many not have exposure to the opportunity. The showcase will promote unity and collaborative efforts amongst likeminded students and to exhibit creativity in a cohesive manner. ITM, Redemption, Fate and Ja'Dore Dance Teams will all present for students on Friday April 19th 2013 in Dalton Hall MMR at 08:00pm. The production will allow me to build the skill set necessary to fulfill my career endeavors of working in the professional dance industry as a dance manager.