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Angela Moe

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Chris Harris

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James Henry


This exploration examines different aspects of the transition from a foster care placement into an adoptive home. This project was completed using the qualitative research approach will allowed for semi-structured interviews w ith single individuals. Both participants experienced foster care during their youth. The interviewees were drawn from a convenience sample. The interviews were then then transcribed. The transcripts where then examined to search for common themes which may improve the transition for child going from foster care to adoption. Although the sample is small, the insight is great. It seems that the professionals were competent but not humble regarding the experience of the children. The interviews were used to interpret the transition from a foster care placement into an adoptive home. Coding allowed teasing out the correct themes which were found to be most relevant to the original research question, which is "what steps are necessary to provide a smooth transition into a late-adoption. Overall, it became clear that there are many professionals that can be involved in smoothing out the transition for youth. Learning how to practice cultural humility is the first action step which will help those involved in late-adoptions transition well. These interviews provided such great insight when I begin my career as a late-adoption specialist.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access