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This paper reviews the use of social media in a work place setting. Reviews on the history of social media and definitions are initially made to prepare the reader for the language of the paper. The main section of the paper covers the advantages and disadvantages of social media use in the work place from the perspective of inside an organization using a private social media platform. Private social media platforms are referred to as enterprise social media. Enterprise social media has advantages and disadvantages when used for communication in team settings, for individual communication and learning, and for knowledge sharing that affects an entire business or organization. The use of enterprise social media and networking tools in the work place could be beneficial to an organization because of the enhanced communication among employees and teams. In addition, the chance to glean knowledge from individuals that can be recorded and stored could also be beneficial for organizations and its members. However, this method of communication and collaboration is not for all organizations because of the potential shortcomings to the use of such tools. Organizations should consider the not only the shortcomings, but also the cost and needs of their employees when deciding if enterprise social media is appropriate and beneficial to its operations.

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