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Kelly O'Reilly

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Jim Eckert


The proposed study was designed to analyze how culture affected sales practices. The models used for analysis in depth were the CLAP model from WMU’s sales program and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. Brazil, Germany, and China were analyzed and the elements with the largest differences from the United States were compared to the usual procedure of the CLAP model and a suggestion for an adaptation was made based on research findings (See appendix for condensed version).

After the study was complete I came to a conclusion of what steps should be taken by the effective salesperson to expand on this study. This involved a four step process: first level preparation, offstage adaptation, second level preparation, understanding, and adapted process. This framework will apply to any sales related model and help someone look at it through cultural contexts. I was also able to suggest an experiment to test the validity of this study that is available at the end of the report.

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