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Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Allison Downey

Second Advisor

Tina Garrett

Third Advisor

Kathryn Williams


Children of all ages look for personally meaningful ways to connect learning and understanding of core concepts to their own lives. Reading the textbook or filling out a worksheet may have an impact and lasting impression on some students, but more likely than not, these ideas will soon be forgotten, only to be recalled upon thorough scaffolding in the future years. Creative movement, along with other art forms, allows students to have lasting memories and associations to key academic material through movement; these connections will travel with them throughout their educational careers, and will be the permanent fixations that students remember in years to come. There are physical, emotional, and intellectual benefits to introducing students to creative movement at a young age and improved classroom and teacher and student dynamics by incorporating it into the daily learning lives of our younger generations.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted