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Becky Cooper

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Becky DeOliveira

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Jane Baas


The Laureate’s mission is to provide undergraduate students at Western Michigan University a place in which to publish their works of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and other creative works. The Laureate strives to be a professional and engaging journal that appeals to all. The opportunity to serve as Editor-in-Chief for the thirteenth edition of the The Laureate has been an honor and a privilege. Along the way I have worked with a variety of team members to select and build the collection. Working close with my fellow editors, this edition of The Laureate came together as the result of much hard work and creative talent. Along with the collection is an essay outlining my experiences as editor-in-chief.

The culmination of works that make up this thirteenth edition of The Laureate exhibit a variety of talents found within the undergraduate student body at Western Michigan University. Though different in form, technique, tone, and theme, these pieces have come together to form an outstanding collection of creative work. Within these pages you will find that each piece has a voice of its own. Together, they form an assembly in poetic harmony. The strength and beauty found in each individual piece adds to the collective whole. The Laureate demonstrates how collaboration and community are vital to the world of art, poetry, and literature. With peers to share with, mentors to learn from, neighbors to build with, brothers and sisters to support and encourage, our passion and creative works can create a world of their own.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

The Laureate 2014.pdf (2600 kB)
The Laureate 2014