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First Advisor

Sharon Carlson

Second Advisor

David Benac

Third Advisor

Lynn Houghton


This research paper examines the programs and policies put into action by Western Michigan College during World War II and how the war shaped the college. This research primarily utilized primary documents generated by the college’s wartime committee, President Paul Sangren, yearbooks and other ephemera. Little research has been done in this area focused on Western Michigan College, and the little research that has been done has focused on the Navy V-12 program that existed on campus at the time. While this research includes the V-12 program, as well as the various other military programs active at the time, a wider view of the campus during the war is used. This research views Western Michigan College’s war effort as holistic, requiring all areas of the college to function and succeed. This research was done as a requirement for graduation through the Lee Honors College and the committee included Dr. Sharon Carlson (chair and mentor), Dr. David Benac, and Lynn Houghton.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access