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Computer Science

First Advisor

John Kapenga

Second Advisor

Robert Trenary


The High Performance Computational Science Laboratory at Western Michigan University operates a cluster of systems for use by students, professors, and professional researchers. Currently users that want to access the cluster, known as “Thor”, require knowledge of the Unix/Linux command line. They also require knowledge of operating a piece of software known as TORQUE to correctly achieve results from the High Performance Computing Lab.

The Web User Interface Framework for High Performance Cluster Computing alleviates the need for intimate knowledge of a command line interface, and replaces the current interaction interface with a more user friendly and graphical oriented system. This interface allows users with little knowledge of Unix/Linux, TORQUE, and even computing clusters to run programs specific to their research purposes with ease. The interface allows users to add, delete, and retrieve results in a fluid, easy to navigate environment.

The Web User Interface Framework for High Cluster Computing was designed, developed and implemented using the Extreme Programming philosophy of software life cycles. The client representing Western Michigan University’s High Performance Computing Science Lab, Dr. John Kapenga is the main client to which all functional behavior of this interface is described. By request of the High Performance Computing Science Lab the project will be licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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