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Janice Maatman

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William Derouin


Nonprofit organizations often rely on in-kind donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations to help support their mission. In-kind support includes donated goods or services rather than a monetary donation. This honor’s thesis is comprised of research and applied best practices in a case study on developing gift-in-kind support for local Kalamazoo nonprofit organization, Pretty Lake Vacation Camp. In coordination with Pretty Lake Development Staff, Farm Staff, and four local businesses and organizations, $305 worth of in-kind donations were donated in time for the 2014 summer camp season for use on the camp farm. Various fundraising strategies and techniques were used to acquire these donations. The best results came from initiating contact with a persuasive, concise, and appealing email with an attached list of donations Pretty Lake was accepting and then following up a week later with another email or a phone call.

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