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Occupational Therapy

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Ben Atchison

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Berit Miller


Sailing, Assistive Technology, Adaptive, Occupational Therapy, Sailing Intervention


Many outdoor activities are currently being utilized by recreational therapists to aid in the development of play and leisure skills, education, social skills training, and even therapeutic community. The process of using these outdoor activities can aid clients in emotional, physical, cognitive and social functions. Although these types of activities have been primarily utilized in recreational therapy intervention sessions, these activities carry the potential to also fit within the domain of occupational therapy. In order to engage in the recreational activity of sailing, persons must have specific cognitive, physical, emotional and social abilities. The purpose of this study is to examine what client factors should exist prior to a child/adolescent’s participation in a sailing intervention. This study will survey currently established adaptive sailing programs and existing literature as it relates to sailing with disabilities and explore what physical prerequisites current adaptive sailing programs mandate for their participating students. Key

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Honors Thesis-Open Access