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Political Science

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Mark Hurwitz

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Ashlyn Kuersten

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Katie Easley


The issue of same-sex marriage has been the hot social issue of the decade, even of the generation. This social issue has been debated to and fro in countries around the world. Each country has differing policies towards same-sex marriage. Certain countries in the Middle East hold same-sex relationships as crimes punishable by death. Some countries in Europe hold same-sex marriage as completely equal to heterosexual marriage. Each country is different. Each country is made up of different cultures and this plays a huge role in the debate. This thesis will compare and contrast European countries with the United States in regards to how progressive same-sex marriage laws are in each country. A broad range of countries in Europe was chosen to analyze. A couple of countries chosen belong to the European Union. These countries were chosen on purpose because it will be important to see how the members of the European Union work to decide a social issue like this one or even if they will. Each member has its own cultural perspective and opinions on this subject, so it will be interesting to witness the debates that happen between each representative.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access