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First Advisor

Jessica Frieder

Second Advisor

Mindy Newhouse

Third Advisor

Rebecca Wiskirchen


It is clear in the literature that there are many factors that may contribute the development of speech as a possible outcome of training with the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). Research has indicated a need for more data on the characteristics and skills of children with autism that may contribute to their success while using PECS, and the possible development of speech while receiving PECS training.

This study sought to identify common characteristics and skills of children with autism that acquired speech while receiving PECS training through creating an inventory of demographics, pre-requisite skills, and other characteristics of children with autism that have received PECS training.

This study was incorporated into Mindy Newhouse’s study, “Effects of Generalized Imitation Training on Functional Speech Acquisition during Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Training”, and also served as a social validity measure for her study.

Currently, we have created an inventory of demographics of the participants of the study prior to receiving the PECS intervention. We will be following up with the participants upon completion of the intervention.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access