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Ewa Urban

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Kyle Brink


The purpose of this project is to present a thorough analysis of the current utilization of Western Michigan University’s student employee pay scale that has been performed to provide useful information for the decision of how to best restructure the student employee pay scale. This analysis shows the average of how many student positions were paid at each of the sixteen set hourly wages and how many were paid at Level Q (a range of wages between $9.58 and $20), or above level Q during the Fall 2014 semester. The results can be effectively used to determine how many student positions will be affected by the creation and use of a new pay structure for student employees.

The utilization of the current pay structure of student employees has been taken into consideration along with research of student employee pay structures at other universities to create two proposals of how Western Michigan University can potentially restructure their own student employee pay scale as the minimum wage in Michigan increases. These proposals have been created by staff from Career and Student Employment Services along with senior leadership. I have also developed one proposal as a recommendation of how to best redesign the pay structure based on my analysis and research of other university student employee pay structures.

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