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Occupational Therapy

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Gay Walker

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Debra Lindstrom

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Kaura Mullins


Being diagnosed with cancer is an earth-shaking experience that can break even the most strong and stable of individuals. Thoughts of uncertainty and anxiety are commonly experienced for those having been diagnosed, and when one’s health is compromised, nothing else seems to matter except becoming healthy and well again. This honors thesis deeply investigates my personal experiences being a recent cancer survivor in conjunction with reviewing the research and literature to investigate how one can promote their healing and wellness through holistic means despite going through medical treatments that are physically, emotionally, and spiritually taxing on every level. A thorough examination of the following questions is included: What does it mean to be well, or to have achieved wellbeing? What can individuals do to promote healing in a physical, emotional, and spiritual sense despite going through medical treatments? How can holistic measures such as mindfulness, meditation, and Yoga help the individual heal and achieve wellness? How important are factors such as nutrition, education about the disease or disability, support systems, and complementary therapies on health outcome and healing?

This e-book is a compilation of research that I completed in a time of my life that very uncertain and scary. I was desperate to find any way to achieve health and wellness; this information has provided me with immeasurable benefits as I relearned what it meant to be well. I made the personal decision to redefine what it meant to take care of and nourish myself in a holistic sense, which has suited me well in my healing journey.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access