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Jazqueline Eng

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Anthony Helms


Throughout history different cultures have been greatly impacted by horses and their uses. Today horseback riding is still a very popular sport, and though it is more dangerous than other forms of transportation, such as motorcycle riding, horseback riding is still used in entertainment, occupational, and leisure activities. Saddles have long been an important piece of equipment for riding. As the horse became a mode of transportation, many cultures had their own saddle style, but today there are two prominent saddle styles, the western and english styles. The western saddle style is used more for leisure, occupational, and rodeo riding. The research makes it clear that riders can be affected by injury from this riding style. This paper will look at different variables such as: gender, saddle, type of riding, and training and compare how each can affect the injuries riders may sustain.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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