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First Advisor

Stephanie Peterson

Second Advisor

Yannick Schenk

Third Advisor

Katie Suszek


Schizophrenia, delusional speech, behavioral treatment, treatment assessment, staff training, behavioral skills training, behavioral conceptualization


This case conceptualization looks at past treatments for schizophrenia and then introduces a behavioral approach to assessing and treating delusional speech in a hypothetical client with schizophrenia. The treatment assessment would consist of five treatment conditions and a control condition. The delusional speech would be triggered by specific conversational themes. The results of the treatment assessment would inform the protocol that would be written for the client's delusional speech. After a protocol is written, there would need to be staff training. Behavioral skills training (BST) has been proven to be an effective form of training that provides trainees with opportunities to practice the protocols being trained. After training is complete routine monitoring provides a way to ensure protocols are working and being run correctly.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access