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Becky Cooper

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Iliana Rocha


The Laureate’s mission is to provide undergraduate students at Western Michigan University a place in which to publish their fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and other creative works. Under the guidance of a faculty editor and mentor, Samantha McVeigh and I have taken on the task to edit the 14th edition. Our responsibilities included choosing assistant editors, calling for and reading submissions, choosing pieces to create a manuscript, and editing multiple times for publishing.

This edition is different because of the introduction of co-editors, accepting color artwork, and adding audio files of authors reading their pieces. The Laureate explored the technology that having a digital journal opens up for those involved with the journal. The editors worked very closely with WMU’s Design Center at the Gwen Frostic School of Art and the selected undergraduate students that were in charge of the journal’s design aesthetic. We also worked with Western Sound Studios in the School of Music and the selected audio engineer in charge of the recording and editing of pieces read aloud.

2015 was a year of change and taking the risk to try something new. We worked to reach new levels for readers to connect and experience the artistic and creative works. We hope that our daringness to try new approaches to express the journal will inspire the editions to come. The Laureate is compiled of amazing work from the talented undergraduate students at WMU. I truly hope the readers enjoy and connect with the pieces in the 14th edition. We strive to be a professional and engaging publication that appeals to all.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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