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Special Education and Literacy Studies

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Sarah Summy

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Matthew Hoge

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Shawna Camburn


Teachers of students with emotional and/or behavior disorders (E/BD) must use a variety of methodologies and interventions to address the varied academic and behavioral needs of their students (Walker & Gresham, 2013). Students identified as needing E/BD services require specific strategies that are researched based and have been proven to be successful in improving student outcomes (Kauffman & Landrum, 2009; Evans, Harden, & Thomas, 2004). After an extensive literature review from the past 10 years this paper presents some of the most frequently discussed research-based themes and subsequent interventions within the theme areas. The three most cited research-based themes presented in this paper focus on the areas of: academic engagement, classroom management, and effective praise. It is this author's hypotheses that if teachers of students with E/BD successfully implement the identified themes and subsequent interventions into their teaching repertoire students overall success will improve. This is a vital concept for current teachers of students with E/BD as they face increased accountability for student success at a time when retention rates of teachers for students with E/BD are low and teacher evaluations become more prevalent.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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