Medallion Scholarship Tutorial Video

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First Advisor

Jennifer Machiorlatti

Second Advisor

Jane Baas


The Medallion Scholarship Tutorial video was created with the intention to train and educate volunteer judges for the group problem-solving portion of the Medallion Scholarship Competition. The pre-production stage of the project started during the fall 2014 semester with planning sessions with Associate Dean, Jane Baas and Dr. Carla Koretsky, Dean of the Honors College. During these sessions I was tasked with formulating an accurate and concise script as well as finalizing the length and format of the final video product. I created the script using free scriptwriting software called Celtx. It automatically split the script into two columns: “Audio” and “Visual.” From there, I was then able to create a shot list, which details each shot that is needed for the overall video. The actual production took only one day to shoot and only took a minimum of 4 hours to complete.

Post Production took about three weeks to complete. The editing software I used was Adobe Premier Pro. I also generated titles from Final Cut Pro X and combined them into my Adobe Premier project. Since the post-production period took place over holiday break from WMU, I used the Kalamazoo Public Library’s editing lab to complete the project. Their role in allowing me to use their space contributed greatly to the success of this project. After the project was completed, I exported it as a .mov file and gave a copy to Jane Baas and the Office of Admissions office at Western Michigan.

Following the viewing of the video, my honors thesis mentor, Dr. Jennifer Machiorlatti and I decided to do a post-video survey, which gauged the observer’s opinions about the video and the process before and after watching the video. This gave her and I an understanding of what was done correctly in the video, and what needed to be improved. After getting the results back in mid-February, I found that an overwhelming number of participants significantly benefitted from watching the video.

I’d like to thank Dr. Jennifer Machiorlatti, Dr. Carla Koretsky, Jane Baas, Anthony Helms, the staff at The Kalamazoo Public Library and the participants who volunteered to stand in for my video. Without their assistance and guidance, this project would not have been such a wonderful success.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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