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First Advisor

Richard Malott

Second Advisor

Gina Cross

Third Advisor

Brandon Kline


To decrease problem behaviors and increase compliance during transitions, a treatment package consisting of a picture activity schedule combined with extinction and differential reinforcement of other behavior was implemented. The study consisted of baseline and the intervention. Based on previous studies involving picture activity schedules, Gina Cross wrote the protocol for the teaching of the activity schedule and the transition protocol. The teaching protocol was made up of four stages of most-to-least prompting, and involved teaching the child to move the picture icon to the bottom of the schedule independently. The transition protocol gave instructions on how the tutor and staff were to implement the picture activity schedule during transitions, including prompts and correction procedures. Correction used when the child did not comply during the transition included of repeating the prompt, extra learning opportunities, and the removal of attention. The study contributes to the child’s future by increasing compliance and decreasing problem behaviors during transitions. It also adds to the knowledge of gaining compliance in the field of behavior analysis. Using the intervention package, a four year old female diagnosed with autism showed a slight decrease in problem behaviors during transitions. Future studies may add to these results by utilizing the procedures with other participants.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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