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Yvette Hyter

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Olivia Gabor-Peirce

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Richard Malott


The purpose of this study is to compare perceptions of interventions for children with Autism between Germany and the United States. As the rate of Autism continually rises, more questions are asked about what are the most effective methods of treatment, and how children with Autism can be integrated into society together with children without disabilities (Newschaffer, Falb, & Gurney, 2005). A survey was developed and sent to teachers, psychologists, and speech-language pathologists in the United States and Germany. There were 9 participants from the United States and 3 participants from Germany. The majority of participants from both countries were teachers. Overall participants from the United States said that students with Autism should be graduating high school with communication skills, and skills to prepare them for a job. Only half of the participants indicated that students with Autism have these skills upon graduation. German participants also indicated students should have skills applicable for a job after graduation. Participants from the United States and Germany differed in their opinions of different school systems, and rated them differently.

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