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Lisa DeChano-Cook

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Lucius Hallett


This study examines the habitat suitability for Downy woodpecker for a parcel of land in Gourdneck State Game Area, Portage, Michigan. Land within the State Game Area has undergone habitat restoration from forest and shrub to savanna and prairie, intentionally excluding two parcels directly north of the restoration. This study took place on one of the excluded parcels. Using the Habitat Suitability Index Model produced by the Fish and Wildlife Service, basal area and number of snags within the study site were measured to determine suitability of the study site for Downy woodpeckers. Ten-1/10th acre sample plots were randomly chosen over the study site to measure a total of 0.4 hectare, or 1 acre. Results from this study revealed the study site holds moderate value for the food life requisite at 46% suitability, measured through basal area, and a high value for the reproduction life requisite at 100% suitability, measured through the number of snags.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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